[Gretl-announce] gretl 1.8.7 released

Allin Cottrell cottrell at wfu.edu
Sun Jan 24 20:48:53 EST 2010

See http://gretl.sourceforge.net/

Many bug-fixes and a few new features.

01/24/2010 version 1.8.7
- GUI enhancement: add apparatus to help keep track of
  gretl windows
- GUI menus: clean-up and consolidation
- New command: "qqplot" (Quantile-Quantile plots)
- Normal random samples: implement the Ziggurat method
- "dataset" command: document the "clear" keyword
- "rmplot" command: save $test and $pvalue
- "restrict" with --bootstrap option: record $test and
- "corrgm" and "xcorrgm": allow the lag order to be
  given as a named scalar variable
- VECMs: add $ec accessor
- VARs: remove $vcv accessor
- VARs and VECMs: enable accessors $df, $ncoeff and $xtxinv
- BFGSmax function: add facility for supplying analytical
- Eviews data importer: handle more cases of .wf1 files
- BFGS: make the degree of verbosity tunable via "set
- Fix bug: crash on error in user_matrix_ols()
- Fix bug: "append" for data should work in more cases
- Fix bug: saving a model when there is already a saved
  model of the same name (in the GUI) caused a crash
- Fix bug: setting of sub-sample information on models
  estimated with a loop construct
- Fix bug: the GUI option for reporting standardized
  residuals for GARCH models got broken
- Fix bug: handling of on-the-fly matrices in "printf"
- Fix bugs: miscellaneous small GUI bugs
- Fix bugs 2918790, 2918783, 2918775, 2917053

Allin Cottrell
Department of Economics
Wake Forest University

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