[Gretl-devel] Re: man pages

Cristian Rigamonti cri at linux.it
Tue Nov 14 15:05:26 EST 2006

Hi, do we have a rough estimate for the time of the next release?

I was wondering about updating the gretl.1 man page (and perhaps adding a
gretlcli.1 page); can I start working on that?

Actually I've noticed that gretl and gretcli support almost the same options.

The following are supported by both gretl and gretlcli

 -e --english
 -q --basque
 -b --batch
 -h --help
 -v --version
 -r --run
The following are supported only by gretl
 -d --db
 -w --webdb
 -c --dump

The -p | --pvalue option is supported only by gretlcli
(this is weird: I can't find this one in lib/src/interact.c, parseopt()
function, which I used to track available options, nor in other files in my CVS

So we could either make gretlcli support -d, -w, -c and mention it in the
current gretl manpage, or add a new manpage for gretlcli (maybe there are other
reasons for that, besides the difference in supported options).


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