[Gretl-devel] (maybe, small) bug

Cristian Rigamonti cri at linux.it
Wed Nov 22 16:18:56 EST 2006

Hi, I've just compiled the latest CVS following this procedure
(on Linux):

  cd (root cvs directory)
  mkdir build
  cd build
  ../configure --enable-build-doc
  su -c 'make install'

All went well, the program works fine, but I get this warning message in the
xterm window:

  helpfile error: word='critical' not recognized

This happens using the C (us) locale; if I use the it locale, I get:

  helpfile error: word='critical' not recognized
  helpfile error: word='seed' not recognized
  helpfile error: word='critical' not recognized

Is this some kind of bug, or I missed something in the compilation procedure
(maybe I should compile something in the /doc directory)?


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