[Gretl-devel] Bug

Ignacio Díaz-Emparanza ignacio.diaz-emparanza at ehu.es
Thu Oct 26 08:28:56 EDT 2006

I think there is a bug in Gretl spreadsheet. If I follow these steps Gretl 

 (tested on Windows XP and MandrivaLinux 2006 with official gretl.1.6.0)

1- open a new dataset (5 obs of an annual time series, for example)
2- In the spreadsheet I write the values of the "Y" variable, and then "apply"
3- I click on variable/add and write the values for X2, and then "apply"
4- I click on variable/add again to write the values of X3, and then cliccking 
on "apply" Gretl exits. In Linux there is no warning message, in Windows 
there is a warning saying that the system has detected a problem.

If I write the values of the variables and click on "apply" only at the end, 
ther is no problem.

Ignacio Díaz-Emparanza
Dpto. de Economía Aplicada III (Econometría y Estadística)

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