[Gretl-devel] Feature request for sorting of variables

andreas.rosenblad at ltv.se andreas.rosenblad at ltv.se
Wed Oct 3 07:51:08 EDT 2007

I would appreciate a gretl command where the values of all variables in a
data set is sorted in ascending or descending order by one of the
variables, and one then can save the data set with the new sorted ordering.

I know that it is possible to use e.g.

anew = sortby(b,a)
bnew = sort(b)
a = anew
b = bnew
delete anew bnew

to sort in ascending order, but it is tedious when one have many variables.

It would be easier with a command e.g. sortallby(b) and dsortallby(b) that
sorts the values of all variables at the same time by increasing or
decreasing values of some of the variables.

Best regards

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