[Gretl-devel] File formats (was: Excel 2003 xls format)

Allin Cottrell cottrell at wfu.edu
Wed Oct 31 09:20:39 EDT 2007

On Wed, 31 Oct 2007, Riccardo (Jack) Lucchetti wrote:

> I found someone who's got Office 2003 and I did an experiment. I 
> created a file containing
> x	y
> 1	3.2
> 2	3.2
> 3	4.1
> 4	4.1
> and saved it in Office2003 format. Both CVS gretl and gnumeric 
> 1.6.3 read it perfectly, so it must be a subtler issue.

OpenOffice.org has an option to save in "Microsoft Excel 2003 
XML".  I suppose _that_ is the format we can't read (we only 
support BIFF-type xls files).

> It'd be very useful if someone could post an example file which 
> gretl can't open.

Yes, it would be nice to know if it's only XML files generated by 
Excel 2003 that we can't read.

Supporting XML files of any sort is not difficult provided the 
spec is available (and is followed!).  But it can be quite 
time-consuming to code.


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