[Gretl-devel] new function debugger

chris christoph.klein at student.kit.edu
Mon Jul 20 11:34:07 EDT 2009

Allin Cottrell wrote:
> Now that Chris is back from holiday, I'll mention this: I've
> merged his function debugger code.
That's nice! Thank you for the cleanup!
> It would be nice to enable this behaviour within the GUI console
> but that's not trivial.  The code in gui2/console.c would have to
> be re-written quite substantially to allow it to work.  I've made
> one false start on this myself (since erased from CVS) and I need
> to think about it more carefully before trying again.
I think for basic debugging the implementation within gretlcli is 
sufficient. The problem with supporting debugging in the gui client is 
the callback function to read user commands. I had two ideas about this, 
which would put this problem into a wider context:

1. We could add a new function to enable scripts to interact with the 
user. A new function, let's say readinput, could read input from the 
console. This way the user could alter the execution flow while the 
script is running. If we had this facility in place we could use it for 
the debugger, too.
2. Perhaps debugging via a console prompt is not sufficient for 
gretl_gui users. Perhaps we could open a second instance of the gretl 
main window when a function is debugged. Within this window one could 
see all series, matrices, etc defined in this function. This way users 
would debug function using the same guithey use for normal operations.

Just my thoughts on this.  I hope to write some  sample code for this in 
the next weeks.


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