[Gretl-devel] Small bug

Marcin Błażejowski marcin at nsb.pl
Thu May 5 01:32:58 EDT 2011

simple script:

set echo off
set messages off

function void FOO (matrix mat)
     printf "%d\n", nelem(mat)
end function

nulldata 10

matrix foo = zeros(2,1)

foo[1,1] = 1

In both situations we get what we excpect: 2

But edit matrix 'foo' in "gretl: icon view" and then run FOO(foo)... 
oups, this is what I get:
? FOO(foo)

Variable number 2 is out of bounds
*** error in function FOO
 > printf "%d\n", nelem(mat)

Error executing script: halting
 > FOO(foo)

Marcin Błażejowski
GG# 203127

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