[Gretl-devel] A few issues

Talha Yalta talhayalta at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 03:27:17 EDT 2012

Thanks very much for the fixes.

>> 3)- In the tabbed model window, gretl warns about switching subsamples
>> if the change is based on "Restrict, based on criterion", however,
>> gretl does not warn (and seems to calculate the correct results) if
>> the change is based on "set range". I think it would be nicer if this
>> was more consistent (either warning or not warning in all cases).
> We give a warning if there's a problem. If the sample is
> adjusted simply by moving one or both ends of the current
> range, there's no problem.

IMHO, it makes more sense if the current subsample reported at the
bottom of the main window is independent of revisiting old model
results for further testing. Can gretl do such tests by automatically
switching back and forth between subsamples without opening any
distracting warning windows? Moreover, if the user actually decides to
change the current subsample and wants go back to an earlier model
subsample, this can be facilitated by adding a new entry for this in
the "edit" menu.


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