[Gretl-devel] on making "const" translatable

Ignacio Diaz-Emparanza ignacio.diaz-emparanza at ehu.es
Wed Apr 18 12:12:14 EDT 2012

El 18/04/12 17:48, Riccardo (Jack) Lucchetti escribió:
> On Wed, 18 Apr 2012, Allin Cottrell wrote:
>> On Wed, 18 Apr 2012, Talha Yalta wrote:
>>> Presenting dozens of regression results with the Turkish
>>> translation, I come to think that it would be really useful
>>> if the word "const" is marked for translation. The Turkish
>>> translation is "sabit" and using this would make so many
>>> things look better, more consistent, and more
>>> understandable.
>> I don't object to this. Any thoughts from others?
> The problem is, "const" is also a reserved word. I suspect that the
> trouble we'd go into would be greater than the benefit. Example: we'd
> have to explain to a Turk that he has to use the word "const" in scripts
> (otherwise they'd become non-portable), even though that same variable
> will be printed out as "sabit", and why. Not sure it's worth the effort.

In Spanish 'const' does not imply a problem because the translation of 
'constant' is 'constante' and so const may be an acceptable abreviation.
But the same occurs when you add a 'time trend'. The new variable has 
the name 'time' which by the same reason should be marked for 
translation as well, and this would affect the translation into Spanish: 

>>> P.S.: I would appreciate if you could also comment on my earlier
>>> suggestion regarding the "edit" and "tests" menus in the model window.
>> I tend to think that tests belong under a "tests" menu, not an
>> "edit" menu.

I don't feel uncomfortable with the current status of the tests menu.

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