[Gretl-devel] some bugs and issues

Hélio Guilherme helioxentric at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 20:29:37 EST 2012

>> Second, there's another character that would need fixing,
>> namely the ';' that is used for terminating a matrix row, as
>> in
>> m = {1.1, 2.2 ; 3.3, 4.4}
> Sigh -- ok, so instead of changing this it would mean to choose some
> other character for function argument separation. Not much sensible
> stuff is left if it should be a single ASCII char: %@_ ? Of course this
> doesn't look at all readable...

I vote for having the standard as is now. In scripts and command line,
always use decimal dot, commas for lists, and semi-columns for ending
matrices rows (and column for whatever).

My proposal goes for an intelligent parser at input time (keyboard),
that would change to a decimal dot if typed for a first time after a
digit, and remain as a list separator if second use. No need for other
translations, I think.
(I really don't have time for making code now, but I will keep this in
my To Do list)


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