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Henrique Andrade henrique.coelho at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 16:00:32 EST 2012

Em 3 de fevereiro de 2012 Talha escreveu:

First, I apologize if I have offended anyone in my earlier posts. I
> have tremendous respect for everyone in this list and I would never
> intend to do such things.

Dear Talha, I think that discussions like that are usual when we are
working as a team. Specially when people are seriously committed
with the project - like us :-)

> (...)
> Since there is a high chance that some people will ask questions like
> "Is gretl any better than Package X?" I wanted to pick your brain on
> gretl's current standing in the _commercial_ competition. These people
> are mostly familiar with Eviews, Stata, GAUSS, MATLAB, SAS, WinRATS
> and mainly with Eviews and Stata. (I know some of these packages
> should not be compared with gretl and I know the advantages of free
> and open source software).
> I appreciate any comments and suggestions.

I'm a Mac user (most of time) and a PC user. The main econometric
softwares I use are Gretl (Mac and PC versions) and RATS (Mac
version). Also, more eventually, I use EViews (only the GUI features)
and Ox (the console version).

Gretl is, by far, the most intuitive and user friendly. Here at the bank
where I work we migrated from EViews to Windows last year and
everyone had a very easy transition experience!

More specifically talking:

1. The script editor is better than any other I know (syntax colouring
    and the help system);
2. The data opening is extremely better than RATS and Ox;
3. Hansl is much more elegant than the EViews command line

Um abraço,
Henrique Andrade*
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