[Gretl-devel] time for 1.9.8?

Riccardo (Jack) Lucchetti r.lucchetti at univpm.it
Wed Feb 22 04:41:35 EST 2012

On Wed, 22 Feb 2012, Sven Schreiber wrote:

> Am 21.02.2012 20:02, schrieb Allin Cottrell:
>> I'm thinking that at this point we have accumulated enough
>> fixes to warrant a new release. Any other thoughts on this?
> Just yesterday I thought about the discussion before the Torun
> conference that gretl 2.0 was imminent... I have no problem with an
> on-going business-as-usual because that business is running rather well,
> but originally the plan seemed to be something different to me.

I don't think that 1.9.8 should be perceived as "two to go before 2.0"; 
nobody is preventing us from having 1.9.10 or 1.10.1.

That said, I think you're right; we should start setting our agenda for 
2.0 for real (up to now things have been a bit fuzzy IMHO) and some 
brainstorming would be good.

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