[Gretl-devel] time for 1.9.8?

Allin Cottrell cottrell at wfu.edu
Fri Feb 24 21:27:24 EST 2012

On Fri, 24 Feb 2012, Lee Adkins wrote:

> The main estimators "missing" are the various simulated mle and such.
> gretl is already competent in the main categories, wls, iv, gmm, mle, nls.
>  This is not a big deal for me, but as models get fancier, these
> techniques will be used more.    Whether this is better done as an addon or
> in C I can't say.

There may well be a case for MCMC in C.

>> * Major changes in the GUI [...]
>> The biggest problem I have with the GUI is window proliferation.   As it
> is now, in a few minutes you end up with a dozen open windows to sort
> through and this is clunky.  Is there a way to introduce tabs into the
> script editor and perhaps the output windows?

That's worth thinking about and experimenting with, yes.

>> * Purge of bugs and update/completion of documentation: Here I can
>> really get on board. One conception of gretl 2.0 is that it has
>> achieved a degree of maturity where we have squashed as many bugs as
>> we can find on an extended period of testing, and have documented in
>> a reasonably comprehensible and cross-referenced form all that the
>> program can do.
> This should be the first priority.  The documentation is excellent in what
> it covers, but it suffers three problems.
>   1. It is not complete.
>   2. It is hard to use because it is not sufficiently
>   cross-referenced. Half the stuff I'm looking for is covered in the User
>   Guide the other half in the Command Reference and they don't communicate
>   with each other.

Agreed, but unfortunately it's hard if not impossible to get 
seamless cross-referencing across distinct PDF files. Does anyone 
have a suggestion other than creating a whopping great PDF 
containing both the Guide and the Reference?

> Should the User Guide be modularlized in order to make it easier to add
> entries to the Econometric Methods section?

Well, those "methods" chapters are separate TeX files, so I'd say 
it's pretty much modular as is: it's trivial to drop in a new 
chapter if one becomes available.

> I'd like to see a way to add documented examples that can be accessed from
> links with the command and the user reference.

There should be some PDF magic that makes that possible. Any PDF 
jockeys out there?


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