[Gretl-devel] named lists in the GUI

Allin Cottrell cottrell at wfu.edu
Wed Feb 29 19:43:31 EST 2012

Second instalment on design suggestions.

Lee Adkins suggested giving named lists of series a more integral 
place in the gretl GUI (e.g. in the model specification dialog); and 
Jack suggested an easy way of defining a list in the GUI, namely 
selecting a bunch of series in the main window, right-clicking, and 
choosing "Make this a list" (or some such).

Jack's suggestion would be easy to implement, but before I do that 
we need to think through exactly how we might use lists in the GUI. 
At present lists are mostly a scripting thing: the main (only?) 
exception is the use of lists as arguments to use-defined functions. 
If a function package with a GUI interface wants a list of 
regressors, for example, the function dialog provides a means of 
defining a list (or selecting from among any lists that are already 

How might named lists be brought into the existing model 
specification dialog (for built-in estimators)? My first thought is 
that the current model specification dialog is nicely simple in some 
cases (OLS) and about as complicated as is reasonable in others 
(ARMA). We would not want (I think) to introduce an additional 
selection box showing lists alongside that showing series. Could we 
include lists in the "available series" boxes but colored 
differently (series in black, lists in blue or red or something)?

I'm not sure, but I don't want to invest effort in this unless and 
until we have a plausible design concept that doesn't make the model 
spec dialog fall over from excessive complexity.


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