[Gretl-devel] gretl data installers

Allin Cottrell cottrell at wfu.edu
Mon Jul 20 10:14:35 EDT 2015

I noticed recently that the self-extracting (exe) installers for our 
textbook data packages weren't working properly on Windows 8, with 
64-bit gretl installed.

What's supposed to happen is that the exe picks up the path to the 
gretl installation from the Windows registry and offers it as the 
default location, but I saw the default come up empty. I think this 
must be due to the fact that on 64-bit Windows there are two versions 
or modes of the registry (32- and 64-bit); apparently our (quite old) 
installers were just looking at the 32-bit registry and hence not 
finding the entry for gretl.

I've now rebuilt the installers using current Inno Setup and tested on 
Windows 8. I think they should also do the right thing on earlier (and 
32-bit) Windows, but it would be nice to have that confirmed. If 
anyone is able to test, please see (since SF is down):


For example,



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