[Gretl-devel] source news

Allin Cottrell cottrell at wfu.edu
Tue Jul 21 14:44:43 EDT 2015

A follow-up to 
(which still applies as of this writing).

Some new things in the gretl source since sourceforge CVS went down:

* Fix the bug noted by Sven in 

* Add a new square() function (documented) with an optional argument
   to generate cross-products as well as squares. Retire the old xpx()
   function but preserve the name as an alias for square() with the
   cross-product option activated.

* Add a seasonals() function (documented) with two optional
   arguments, the first to specify a period to omit and the second
   to specify centering of the seasonal dummies.

* "vif" command: lose the not-very-useful info on X'X that we've
   printed to date, and substitute the Belsley-Kuh-Welsch
   variance decomposition table, as advocated by Lee Adkins at
   the Berlin gretl conference.

* GUI function package editor: add check for unsaved changes under
   "Extra properties". Do more checking and give more feedback when
   saving a package in zip format.

* Function package browser: add a toolbar item ("index" icon, tooltip
   "Package registry") to show which packages are registered to
   appear on which menus, with the option of removing them.

* Numerous "internal" tweaks to GUI function package apparatus in
   the interest of greater robustness.

* Overwrite check on saving to file: switch to the built-in GTK API,
   maybe catch more cases where overwriting should be flagged?

* Updated Romanian translation (thanks, Mihaela!)


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