[Gretl-devel] need help with % \bibliography{biblio.bib}

oleg_komashko at ukr.net oleg_komashko at ukr.net
Fri Apr 1 04:00:32 EDT 2016

Thank you,
It seems, I have managed it

31 березня 2016, 23:22:35, від "Allin Cottrell" <cottrell at wfu.edu>:
>   On Thu, 31 Mar 2016, oleg_komashko at ukr.net wrote:
> > I've found biblio.tex in doc/tex_es in Gretl
> > git directory, so I can do with it
> > 
> Hmm, tex_es/biblio.tex is a rather primitive "hard-wired" 
> bibliography, copied across from the English version as of maybe a 
> decade ago (all the files in that directory are very old). However, 
> if you just want a short ad hoc bibliography that may be OK as a 
> template.
> Maybe worth noting: there's quite a large database of econometrics 
> articles and books in doc/tex/gretl.bib, which may be useful for 
> generating a "proper" BibTeX bibliography.
> Allin
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