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Hélio Guilherme helioxentric at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 05:55:45 EDT 2016

This is a short version of a message waiting moderator clearance.
(was "Proposal for creation of Unit and Acceptance Tests")


> Hi All,
> This is my first adaptation of Allin's test package.
>> Right now I'm very pressed for time, but I'm putting my test rig at
>> (deleted)
>> so anyone can take a look. It exercises almost 20000 scripts; the testing
>> mechanism utilizes "make" and shell scripts. Each directory contains
>> "output" and "newout" subdirectories. The basic idea is that "make" in a
>> given directory will populate the "newout" directory with output files,
>> then run a "diff" on newout vs "output" (besides reporting any failures).
>> So "output" is supposed to contain "known good" results.
>> You can run everything by typing "make test-all" in the top-level
>> directory. This may take a while; it will produce a composite diff of all
>> new output against all previous output.
>> Anyone running this on their own system should first go into the "bin"
>> directory (under "test-gretl") and edit the file named "sitevars".
> This setup still must be done/checked. Path to gretl and libgretl. After
> this, it should be fine for any (Linux) user.
> These are the changes I have done:
> Force running Gretl in English.
> After Gretl "newout" has been created those files are edited, so that all
> user ($HOME and test-gretl) paths are replaced to simulate  "output"
> original files.
> TODO: Remove inconsistent paths, on Allin's original "output" files
> preparation (make new).
>            Try to not compare with "output", when applications are not
> installed (Stata, OX, ...)
>            Obtain system info (kind of benchmarking, or performance
> factoring)
>            Should we also do the NIST tests?
>            There is a test that creates two Gnuplot plots, maybe they
> should have output to PNG.
>            When I tested in Portuguese, there were warnings on strings max
> length (need tests for all languages).
> ---- EOT ----
> I have now created a GitHub project to keep the test files. Everyone may
> clone the directory gretl-tests/test-gretl (which are Allin's tests adapted
> to your own machines). After this first testing fixes, I will prepare
> automation system and reporting of the test runs. But first we must ensure
> that there are no missing scripts or data file, and no run when
> applications are not installed (like stata in my case).
> There are 902 gretl scripts and in my setup the all_fails file contains 36
> failed, and from these, there are 9 caused by missing gretl scripts (other
> because missing stata, numeric or spacing differences). Better analysis
> will follow after solving easy fails.
> The git repository is at: https://github.com/HelioGuilherme66/gretl.git
> There is a gretl-git project which is a clone from sourceforge (It is not
> accessible, because it should be independent).
> Attached are some old test files, but you should see latest_tests.zip
> <https://github.com/HelioGuilherme66/gretl/blob/master/gretl-tests/test-gretl/latest_tests.zip?raw=true>
> .
> I expect to receive Pull Requests with the adding of missing data/scripts
> files. I am willing to give Collaborator access to the owners of Gretl and
> major contributors :)
> Now that we have a GitHub base, we can think in having Gitter or Slack,
> for instant messaging (I love Slack ;).
> Have fun :)

I am eagerly waiting for your feedback.

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