[Gretl-devel] Gamma probability density function

Artur T. artur.tarassow at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 16 07:08:10 EST 2016

Dear all,

I am just trying to replicate this MATLAB example of the Gamma
probability density function:


According to this, Matlab yields for shape=scale=1 and a x-vector seq(1,5) :
y = 0.3679  0.3033  0.2388  0.1947  0.1637

but with gretl I obtain correctly (just checked it with some statistical
y (1 x 5)
0.36788 0.13534 0.049787 0.018316 0.0067379

mu = seq(1,5)
y = pdf(g,1,1,mu)

Just out of curiosity: What is Matlab doing? (the same results are
obtained by Octave)


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