[Gretl-users] locale bug?

Allin Cottrell cottrell at wfu.edu
Fri Jan 5 10:47:59 EST 2007

On Fri, 5 Jan 2007, Athanasios Kalogeresis wrote:

> I repeated what I did yesterday and I regret to say that I get 
> the same warning. The only difference is that I have to click on 
> OK once to get it out of the way and start gretl (BTW the script 
> window appears again, equally illegible).

The trouble here is that this is not a script file (it's a zipped 
session file), yet it's being opened as if it were a script.

How exactly are you opening the file?  I have tested here on Linux 
(not yet on Windows), and I find that double-clicking the file 
icon, or dragging it onto gretl, or opening it via the 
"File/Session file/Open session" menu item, or giving the filename 
as a command-line argument, now does the right thing with session 
files.  But if the file previously found its way (wrongly) onto 
the list of recently-opened script files, then attempting to open 
it from that list will produce the symptoms you describe.

> On the other hand, I am happy to report that the crash (upon 
> double-clicking the VECM icon) has been solved.

OK, good.

> I do, however, have another -newbe type- question. Are the 
> session folders (which are automatically created at the default 
> gretl directory at C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application 
> Data\gretl\) supposed to be empty?

They are temporary storage space for session elements such as 
graph files.  They're supposed to be cleaned up on exit.  Of 
course, if the program crashes, that won't happen :-(


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