[Gretl-users] wooldridge data

Allin Cottrell cottrell at wfu.edu
Fri Jan 12 09:09:41 EST 2007

On Fri, 12 Jan 2007, Sven Schreiber wrote:

> I just noticed that for the 2nd edition of Wooldridge's 
> Introductory Econometrics there's a gretlfiles.zip archive 
> freely available online at
> http://www.thomsonedu.com/aise/economics/wooldridge_2e_datasets/

Hmm, I hadn't noticed that.  The zipfile seems to contain old 
versions of the gdt files that I sent the publisher a few years 
ago; I don't think they put them up at that time.  There are some 
fixes in the versions of the files at


(and these have the advantage of being in self-installer form for 
Windows or .tar.gz for Linux).

> And for the current 3rd ed there are "only" ascii files, but also free
> downloads
> (http://www.thomsonedu.com/aise/economics/wooldridge3e_AISEdatasets/)
> I'm thinking of converting them into native gretl files (maybe let
> students do it as an exercise ;-). Again, are there any issues with
> posting them online, or even including them with gretl? I mean they
> didn't cook up the data, so it seems like public domain to me, but IANAL
> (no lawyer).

I've corresponded with Wooldridge before, and he had no objection 
to my packaging the data files for gretl.  I've taken a quick look 
at the 3e zipfiles and most of the data seem to be same as in the 
previous edition (there may be one or two novelties).

If you decide to make an updated package, you might want to try 
using the Stata files as a basis rather than the plain text ones. 
Gretl's Stata importer is quite decent (thanks to R, I should 
mention), and descriptive strings for the variables should come 
across OK.


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