[Gretl-users] matrix operations

nadaud at centre-cired.fr nadaud at centre-cired.fr
Wed Jan 24 09:20:29 EST 2007

Hi again, and thanx for your quick responses !

I finally used something heavier, that does it also:
matrix Z=zeros[4,4]
matrix Z[1,]=transp(logement.$coeff[2:5])
matrix Z[2,]=transp(transport.$coeff[2:5])
matrix Z[3,]=transp(composite.$coeff[2:5])

([2:5] because i drop the constant)

well, I will append with your advice using matrix concatenation.

Just to, add, I am using the script mode under windows XP, excuted in english
from the XP console. However, I can run the script only once, then, if I
modify it
and rerun, gretl crashes. So I must launch gretl every time.

Do you have an idea about some parameter to set inside windows ?

thanx again and see ya


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