[Gretl-users] matrix declaration error

nadaud at centre-cired.fr nadaud at centre-cired.fr
Tue Jan 30 06:46:18 EST 2007

Dear listers, hi from Paris !

I have a problem with matrix code. the following is part of my code :

# standard errors of elasticities
matrix EP={EP11,EP12,EP13;EP21,EP22,EP23;EP31,EP32,EP33}
matrix EP
matrix ER1
matrix ER2
matrix ER3
matrix ER = {ER1;ER2;ER3}
matrix ER

The EP matrix is built without any problem but not the ER matrix :
===========cut off ouput for RP===================

=============ER matrix faulty execution===========

? matrix ER1


? matrix ER2


? matrix ER3


? matrix ER = {ER1;ER2;ER3}
Error adding matrix 'ER'
Unknown variable name in command

Error executing script: halting
> matrix ER = {ER1;ER2;ER3}

I dont see what is wrong : the EP matrix is OK but not the second one, ER.

Note that both matrices are built from existing scalars (actually results of
prio matrix operations). As can be seen, matrices ERi are defined but the
matrix command rejects it as a valid variable name.

Thanx for your help


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