[Gretl-users] matrix error

nadaud at centre-cired.fr nadaud at centre-cired.fr
Tue Jan 30 10:22:48 EST 2007

Dear Allin

Ok well noted. Think i must change the doc.

I wonder why the following command is not executed

# building a matrix of equations coefficients without constant
matrix Z[1,]=transp(logement.$coeff[2:5])
matrix Z[2,]=transp(transport.$coeff[2:5])
matrix Z[3,]=transp(composite.$coeff[2:5])
print Z

it produces :

composite saved
# construction d'une matrice des coefficients hors constante pour calcul des
? matrix Z[1,]=transp(logement.$coeff[2:5])
> matrix Z[1,]=transp(logement.$coeff[2
Expected ')' but found '['

Error executing script: halting
> matrix Z[1,]=transp(logement.$coeff[2:5])

thanx again


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