R: Re: [Gretl-users] Gretl and X-12-ARIMA and TRAMO/SEATS

deriv at libero.it deriv at libero.it
Mon Apr 6 02:55:50 EDT 2009

I tried to do your suggestion but it does not work, in the variable menu in 
Gretl the mentioned 2 programms are visible in light grey but they are not 
openable when you click on them.

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Ogg: Re: [Gretl-users] Gretl and X-12-ARIMA and TRAMO/SEATS

On Sat, 21 Feb 2009, deriv at libero.it wrote:

> I just downloaded Gretl for Windows and the X-12-ARIMA and TRAMO/SEATS
> software but I cannot reach these last programms from the "Variable" menu 
> Gretl.
> I just run the self-installer file for both of them. Do I have to choose a
> particular directory where to download the programms?

Running the self-installers should be sufficient (then re-start
gretl after doing so).

Do you have a seasonal time series dataset loaded?  Try, for
example, the supplied Ramanathan data file data9-7.

Allin Cottrell

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