[Gretl-users] individuals to household

Stefan Grosse singularitaet at gmx.net
Mon Jun 1 05:35:11 EDT 2009

On Thu, 28 May 2009 12:00:02 -0300 Sebastián Goinheix
<goinheix at gmail.com> wrote:

SG> Like "egen" of STATA, for example: egen equivh=sum(equiv),
SG> by(correlat anio).

You could alternatively use the interface to R (given R is installed on
your computer). Taken the example by Riccardo Lucchetti with those

hhnum	indnum	x	y
1	1	6.4	1
1	2	3.3	4
1	3	8.6	4
2	1	0.6	3
3	1	1.1	1
3	2	6.5	0

you open an R console from within gretl (tools). The current data are
then automatically imported as gretldata. You can then use the
aggregate function:


The last command saves agg1.csv in the .gretl directory from where you
can import the data. Hence you want an aggregation per year and
household the function would be like:


When you have a more complex aggregation, like if you combine mean and
sd functions there is a nice command summaryBy in the doBy package.

See the gretl guide section 26.4 for data handling between gretl and R.
There you see also an example how to involve R commands in gretl script.


PS close the r console with q(), you dont need to save the workspace.

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