[Gretl-users] Problem storing scalars

Federico Tamagni f.tamagni at sssup.it
Wed Jun 3 05:35:39 EDT 2009

Dear all,

I need to save the R_squared into a file outside gretl, and my guess is 
there is a problem on how to store scalars.

Suppose I run a simple panel regression:

panel Y const X

Then, to retrieve the R_squared I use the command:

genr  R2 = $rsq

which work fine as a get the message: "Generated scalar r2 = 0.89778".

Now, in order to store this in a file, untill few weeks ago I was using 
the store command, in this way:

store --csv  path_to_myfile/my_file  r2

However this does not work anymore, as I receive the following error 
message: " 'r2' is not the name of a series "

Is something changed in the way scalars are dealt with ?

Thank you everybody,




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