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Dear Allin,

When I want to estimate a heteroskedasticity
corrected model, it gives an output with WLS as below. Something wrong?

B Miran

Model 2: WLS estimates using 14 observations
from 1936-1952
Missing or incomplete observations dropped: 3
Dependent variable: Y

coefficient   std. error   t-ratio   p-value

2.09293      9.709    2.08e-06
0.621689     0.228900    
2.716    0.0217   **
0.721299     0.517795    
1.393    0.1938  
0.725318     0.670564    
1.082    0.3048  

Statistics based on the
weighted data:

Sum squared resid   
16.29103   S.E. of regression   1.276363
0.987474   Adjusted R-squared   0.983716
-20.92604   Akaike criterion     49.85208
Schwarz criterion    52.40831  
Hannan-Quinn         49.61546

Statistics based on the original data:

Mean dependent
var   87.12143   S.D. dependent var  
Sum squared resid    407.7965  
S.E. of regression   6.385895

Excluding the constant,
p-value was highest for variable 4 (X4)

> On Sat, 6
Jun 2009, Lars PÃ¥lsson-Syll wrote:
>> Is
there any possibility of performing a cross-tabulation in
gretl when you only have aggregated frequencies (I'm thinking of
>> something analogous to Stata's "tabi" command )?
> Not at present, but that would not be difficult to
> Allin Cottrell
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