[Gretl-users] Several bugs and glitches

Talha Yalta talhayalta at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 08:03:32 EDT 2009

While updating the Turkish translation today, I noticed a bunch of
small errors or glitches. Nothing critical but still important for the
sake of perfection:

1)-In a scatter plot with a fitted line, in the edit window, selecting
"none" for the fitted line leaves the title of the plot unchanged.
Choosing other options update the title string as expected (with loess
fit etc.)

2)-In the gretl plot controls, after choosing the "logarithmic scale,
base:" option, the box on the right doesn't become white (stays gray)
immediately. Also, in the labels tab, if the user chooses "add..." and
doesn't do anything, the empty label is not automatically removed
after closing the window. I think I have mentioned this little glitch
before and you said this is low priority but I think it would be nice
if you could fix this because it becomes annoying once you know it is
there :-P

3)-In the USMacroM.gdt (Stock & Watson 2e) dataset, doing Hurst
exponent on the variable IP causes an error message. Other variables
work OK. This happens in the Turkish translation and not in the
English mode.

4)-When there is a large number of observations (such as over 500 in
USMacroM.gdt), for forecasting, using  "error bars" for the confidence
interval creates a messy graph where the observations and the
forecasts are completely covered with the error bars.

5)-Again using the USMacroM.gdt dataset. I estimate the GMM model
where IP is the dependent variable, OIL_1, CPI_1 and PCED_1 are the
independent variables and OIL, CPI and PCED are the instruments (just
for quickly testing the output window). Gretl creates an icon named
"gmm___V" and trying to open this causes the error message "Couldn't
open 'of the regression'..." Moreover, with the Turkish translation,
this error message has weird characters such as "Q '..." or "'

6)-Item 1038 in the pot file: Number of cases `correctly predicted'
This, I think is for LaTeX output and the resulting string has the
additional " = xxx (xx percent). This additional "percent" part is not
translatable from the po. The same is true for the program output
string, which has the additonal part reading " = xxx (xx%). This
percent sign may need to be put before the number xx in some

7)-After omitting variables from a model, I think it would be a bit
compact and tidier not having empty lines right after "Comparison of
Model..." as well as the "Null hypothesis: the regression parameters
are zero for the variables" line and finally before the "Test
statistic: F..." line. Also, here wouldn't it be better to say
"variable(s)" since there can be just one variable?

8)-In the ANOVA model estimation output window, the strings "response"
and "treatment" are not translated.

9)-In the sort data... window, the string "Select sort key" is not
marked for translation.

10)-When adding an index variable or a time trend, the name is
automatically set as "Index" or "time". Is it possible that these
strings are translatable?

11)-In the about window, I think it would be a bit better if the
"build date..." string was written in paranthesis. Also, you have told
me in Bilbao that it would now be possible to put an url in the about

12)-Finally, the labels in the summary statistics window cannot be not
aligned properly in my translation. Here is what I get:
Özet istatistikler, kullanılan gözlemler: 1 - 51

                Ortalama       Ortanca        Enaz           Ençok
exphlth        15,265          10,066           0,99800        94,178
income        105,13           64,100           9,3000        683,50

                Ölç. Sap.    D.K.           Çarpıklık   Basıklık
exphlth        17,888           1,1718          2,4497          6,8380
income        125,30            1,1918          2,5931          8,0094

I hope these are useful.
A. Talha Yalta

"Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far
more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting
moment." - Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

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