[Gretl-users] Several bugs and glitches

Allin Cottrell cottrell at wfu.edu
Mon Jun 22 17:05:27 EDT 2009

> While updating the Turkish translation today, I noticed a bunch
> of small errors or glitches. Nothing critical but still
> important for the sake of perfection:

Thanks for the report; it's good to get more things fixed for
the 1.8.2 release.

> 1)-In a scatter plot with a fitted line, in the edit window,
> selecting "none" for the fitted line leaves the title of the
> plot unchanged. Choosing other options update the title string
> as expected (with loess fit etc.)


> 2)-In the gretl plot controls, after choosing the "logarithmic
> scale, base:" option, the box on the right doesn't become white
> (stays gray) immediately.

Fixed (along with a few other cases where conditional enabling
of GUI controls was not right).

> Also, in the labels tab, if the user chooses "add..." and
> doesn't do anything, the empty label is not automatically
> removed after closing the window. I think I have mentioned this
> little glitch before and you said this is low priority but I
> think it would be nice if you could fix this because it becomes
> annoying once you know it is there :-P

Not fixed.

> 3)-In the USMacroM.gdt (Stock & Watson 2e) dataset, doing Hurst
> exponent on the variable IP causes an error message. Other
> variables work OK. This happens in the Turkish translation and
> not in the English mode.


> 4)-When there is a large number of observations (such as over
> 500 in USMacroM.gdt), for forecasting, using "error bars" for
> the confidence interval creates a messy graph where the
> observations and the forecasts are completely covered with the
> error bars.

We'll try forcing non-use of errorbars for T > 160.

> 5)-Again using the USMacroM.gdt dataset. I estimate the GMM
> model where IP is the dependent variable, OIL_1, CPI_1 and
> PCED_1 are the independent variables and OIL, CPI and PCED are
> the instruments (just for quickly testing the output window).
> Gretl creates an icon named "gmm___V"...

Fixed (the temporary GMM weights matrix was being exposed by

> 6)-Item 1038 in the pot file: Number of cases `correctly
> predicted' This, I think is for LaTeX output and the resulting
> string has the additional " = xxx (xx percent). This additional
> "percent" part is not translatable from the po. The same is true
> for the program output string, which has the additonal part
> reading " = xxx (xx%). This percent sign may need to be put
> before the number xx in some languages.

Point taken, but not fixed yet.

> 7)-After omitting variables from a model, I think it would be a
> bit compact and tidier not having empty lines right after
> "Comparison of Model..." as well as the "Null hypothesis: the
> regression parameters are zero for the variables" line and
> finally before the "Test statistic: F..." line. Also, here
> wouldn't it be better to say "variable(s)" since there can be
> just one variable?

I've now made this output more compact (under most conditions).

> 8)-In the ANOVA model estimation output window, the strings
> "response" and "treatment" are not translated.

They are now marked.

> 9)-In the sort data... window, the string "Select sort key" is
> not marked for translation.

Now marked.

> 10)-When adding an index variable or a time trend, the name is
> automatically set as "Index" or "time". Is it possible that
> these strings are translatable?

No (portability).

> 11)-In the about window, I think it would be a bit better if the
> "build date..." string was written in paranthesis.


> Also, you have told me in Bilbao that it would now be possible
> to put an url in the about window.

Yes, it's possible.  But I don't have time to do everything that
is possible ;-)

> 12)-Finally, the labels in the summary statistics window cannot
> be not aligned properly in my translation...

I think this should be fixed now.

> I hope these are useful.

Yes, thanks!

Allin Cottrell
Department of Economics
Wake Forest University

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