[Gretl-users] Several bugs and glitches

Talha Yalta talhayalta at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 03:31:25 EDT 2009

Thanks very much for all the updates.

>> 4)-When there is a large number of observations (such as over
>> 500 in USMacroM.gdt), for forecasting, using "error bars" for
>> the confidence interval creates a messy graph where the
>> observations and the forecasts are completely covered with the
>> error bars.
> We'll try forcing non-use of errorbars for T > 160.
Do you think this can be solved by changing the order of drawing? I
mean, by first drawing the confidence intervals and then the other
lines on top of it.

>> 12)-Finally, the labels in the summary statistics window cannot
>> be not aligned properly in my translation...
> I think this should be fixed now.
As I understand, the fix involves vertically listing each variable
with its own little summary statistics table. But this is unintuitive
and makes reading the whole thing and comparing different variables
difficult. Could you reformat this screen to show horizontally 5 or 6
variables at a time please? I think this is what most programs do.
	                Varname_1	Varname_2	Varname_3	Varname_4
Mean	        xxx	                xxx	                xxx            	xxx
Median	        xxx	                xxx           	xxx           	xxx
Minimum	xxx           	xxx           	xxx           	xxx
Maximum	xxx	                xxx            	xxx           	xxx
Standard deviation      	xxx           	xxx   		xxx
C.V.	                xxx            	xxx            	xxx           	xxx
Skewness	xxx            	xxx           	xxx           	xxx
Ex. kurtosis	xxx            	xxx            	xxx            	xxx


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