[Gretl-users] Several bugs and glitches

Talha Yalta talhayalta at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 08:10:56 EDT 2009

>> > We'll try forcing non-use of errorbars for T > 160.
>> Do you think this can be solved by changing the order of drawing? I
>> mean, by first drawing the confidence intervals and then the other
>> lines on top of it.
> Not really a fix, I think.  With enough observations the error
> bars run into each other and you get a visual mess.
How about drawing every second (or third, forth etc. depending on the
dataset size) errorbars?

>> As I understand, the fix involves vertically listing each variable
>> with its own little summary statistics table...
> That's only if you select a single variable for summary
> statistics.  That hasn't changed lately.  If you select two or
> more variables you get a combined table.
Ah I see. But please see the attached gdt file which strangely shows
the behaviou that I described. I also tried a bunch of different files
and they correctly give combined tables. It is just this attached file
that seems to act strangely.
Also, the summary statistics item in the right click menu says
"descriptive statistics" while the item in the view menu says "summary
statistics" although these are both the same thing. Wouldn't it be
better if this was consistent?

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