[Gretl-users] missing pixels at beginning of ylabel

Allin Cottrell cottrell at wfu.edu
Sun Nov 1 19:26:40 EST 2009

As I said previously (and as I now confirm after more
experimentation), I'm not able to detect any missing pixels in
gretl-gnuplot PNG plots on Linux (this is using the pngcairo
terminal with gnuplot 4.3 CVS).

But I've now done some testing on Windows (Vista) and can see a
little clipping of text here and there, partly depending on the
font selected.  For example, I run a trimmed version of the script
I cited earlier:

nulldata 300
series s = normal()
gfoo <- gnuplot s time -o {set ylabel "My Y Label";}

When using the Verdana font at 8 points, there's a slight
glitch in the "150" tic-mark on the x-axis: the right extremity of
the '0' in "150" is missing.  This corrects itself if I choose
Verdana 9 or Tahoma 8.

Then if I add a title at the top of the graph including the letter
'Q', the tail of the Q is truncated (the last row of pixels seems
to be lopped off).

I'm not sure if this is really worth bothering about -- since PNG
is not the format of choice for "production quality" graphics --
but it does appear that there's a teensy bug somewhere in the
implementations of pango and/or cairo for MS Windows, with respect
to font-handling.


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