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Thu Nov 5 13:03:00 EST 2009

The situation is confused. I further run a script in gretl 1.8.1 CVS
under win 2000,

open djclose
"figure 2.3" <- gnuplot djclose --with-lines --time-series
"figure 2-3" <- gnuplot djclose djclose(-1)

And I got error messages:

gretl version 1.8.1cvs
Current session: 2009/11/06 02:02
? open djclose

Read datafile C:\Program Files\gretl-1.8.1x\data\misc\djclose.gdt
periodicity: 5, maxobs: 2528,
observations range: 1980/01/02-1989/12/29

Listing 2 variables:
  0) const      1) djclose

? "figure 2.3" <- gnuplot djclose --with-lines --time-series
figure 2: no such object

Error executing script: halting
> "figure 2.3" <- gnuplot djclose --with-lines --time-series

But if I run the command in console as follows

? "figure 2-3" <- gnuplot djclose
Command has insufficient arguments

And tried:
? "figure 2-3" <- gnuplot djclose djclose(-1)
figure 2-3 saved

And with further tests, I found it seemed irrelevant to UTF-8 characters

Do you have any suggestions for more tests to clearfy this error?

Yi-Nung Yang

2009/11/5 Allin Cottrell <cottrell at wfu.edu>:
> On Thu, 5 Nov 2009, yinung at Gmail wrote:
>> I  did several tests in gretl 1.8.4 under winXP and identified the
>> problem I mentioned might be due to UTF-8 characters within the name
>> of the graph. For example, if I run
>> "figure 2-3" <- gnuplot djclose --with-lines --time-series
>> It works as normal. But if I run, instead,
>> "figure 2-3XX" <- gnuplot djclose --with-lines --time-series
>> (XX denotes a double-byte chinese character). Though it shows no error
>> in the command Console. But when I double-click the icon in Icon
>> Views, I got an error message "unspecified error" and a pop-up windows
>> showed as following. Any clue about this error?
> I tried replicating this on Linux and it worked out (with a
> chinese character in the graph name).  I'll have to try it on
> Windows.
> Allin Cottrell
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