[Gretl-users] randgen question

Talha Yalta talhayalta at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 07:36:43 EST 2009

I am trying to perpare a ML tutorial where there are T balls in a bag
with a ratio of P=0.75 black balls and there will be 250 independent
trials where 0<X<10 randomly chosen balls from the bag will show Y
I create a new data set with 250 observations and create X with genr X
= floor(randgen(u,0,11)
After this, however, the command genr Y = randgen(b,0.75,X) does not work.
Any suggestions?

Also a few bugs/problems that I have discovered along the way:
1)- Creating a binomial random does not work from the GUI. After
creating a cross-sectional 50, Add --> Random variable and selecting
binomial, I enter 0.5 10 and xx in the three boxes and clicking OK
gives an empty error dialog box.
2)- I open the scalars window and if I first click on the name column,
enter something and then click on the value column (or an empty pert
of the window) I get the error: 'cc' -- no numeric conversion
3)- If I do the above twice three times etc., the error message is
also repeated twice, three times etc. (as rows within a single error
4)- If I keep pressing the add button, the scalars window will be
filled with epmty rows of empty scalars with no x buttons to erase
5)- With the first row being empty, if I enter a value in the second
row and click on its name cell, there is an error message in the
*** gretl_scalar_add: there's already a '' at level 0 (1,79769313486232e+308)
6)- Because the scalars window is now modal in the cvs, everything is
frozen when it remains open. I cannot even quit gretl without first
closing the scalars window. It is as if the program has crashed.
Similarly, after running a ml estimation from the GUI, the scalars
window is opened automatically but since everything is frozen, it is
not possible to scroll down the model estimation window even. I really
hope the syncronization code solving these problems will be added

Best regards

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