[Gretl-users] operate on all variables

Sven Schreiber svetosch at gmx.net
Wed Nov 18 13:23:55 EST 2009

> Yes, it did. But it raised a few more questions...
> Would it have been the same to use @i instead of $i?

As far as I understand, $i is only valid in connection with loop indexing, and @i is only when dealing for accessing the content of string variables ("named strings"), which are relatively recent in gretl. 

While in your context "i" looks like a string variable, it doesn't have to be, see the example from the manual: 

Example 9.5: String substitution
open bea.dat
loop i=1987..2001
genr V = COMP$i
genr TC = GOC$i - PBT$i
genr C = TC - V
ols PBT$i const TC V

But I have also found this stuff confusing...

> If there a way to tell the script not to stop on errors (~VBA on error
> resume next)?

"set halt_on_error off"

> And why doesn't deseas() work with lists as arguments?

The problem is the naming of the members of the returned list I guess which would not be clear. 


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