[Gretl-users] Gretl, R & OS X

Berend Hasselman bhh at xs4all.nl
Sat Nov 28 02:29:54 EST 2009

On 28-11-2009, at 03:31, Allin Cottrell wrote:

> On Fri, 27 Nov 2009, Henrique wrote:
>> Em 27 de novembro de 2009 Allin Cottrell <cottrell at wfu.edu> escreveu:
>>> On Fri, 27 Nov 2009, Henrique wrote:
>>>>         I can't start R from Gretl (Menu -> Tools -> Start GNU R) on
>>>> my Mac (Snow Leopard). The command to launch is "xterm -e R". What's
>>>> wrong?
>>> You tell us: try doing "xterm -e R" at a command prompt and see
>>> what the error message is.  My guess is that R is not in your
>>> PATH.
>> Using OS X Terminal the command "xterm R" returns no error (X11
>> and R initialize and work fine). Another way to have R working
>> is through command: "xterm
>> /Applications/R.app/Contents/MacOS/R". When I try to start R
>> inside Gretl nothing happens.
> In gretl, try going to /Tools/Preferences/General, and the
> Programs tab, and change the "Command to launch GNU R" to:
> /usr/X11R6/bin/xterm -e R
> This works on OS X 10.4.11. (Broken Mac setup: /usr/X11R6/bin is
> not in the default path even after installing X11.)

I don't quite understand what is going on.

In the Terminal what is the output of:   "which R"  (Leave out the quotes!)
Why use xterm in "Command to launch GNU R"

There are two options for the command:

1:  /usr/bin/R
2. /Applications/R.app/Contents/MacOS/R

The first starts the command line version R and the second starts the R Gui.


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