[Gretl-users] Xlsx problem

Henrique Andrade henrique.coelho at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 07:30:57 EST 2011

Em 17 de novembro Allin escreveu:

On Thu, 17 Nov 2011, Henrique Andrade wrote:
>  I´m trying to open some .xlsx files and I´m getting the following error
>> messages:
>> ? open "L:\CONFIDENCIAL\Planilha\**Dados Países\Brasil\Mercado de
>> Crédito\Dados Crédito.xlsx" --sheet="Gretl2" --rowoffset=148
>> 'Gretl2' -> worksheets/sheet12.xml
>> expected 403 shared strings but only found 397
> That means that the xlsx file claimed to have 403 entries in its string
> table (sharedStrings.xml), but in fact this contained only 397 entries.
> This seems to indicate that the file is broken, but I've now added a fudge
> factor in gretl's xlsx importer, to replace any strings that are missing in
> this way with the empty string, "".

Dear Allin, now I'm getting the following error message:

"First char of varname (0x0) is bad
(first must be alphabetical)"

And Gretl gives me the following output:

? open "L:\CONFIDENCIAL\Planilha\Dados Paí­ses\Brasil\Mercado de
Crédito\Dados Crédito.xlsx" --sheet="Gretl" --rowoffset=148
'Gretl' -> worksheets/sheet11.xml
expected 403 shared strings but only found 397
Found 9 variables and 139 observations
At row 149, column 8:
First char of varname (0x0) is bad
(first must be alphabetical)
Please rename this variable and try again
Error executing script: halting

The name of the variable is "conc md PJ". I tried to rename it as "teste"
but the error remains.

Kind regards,
Henrique Andrade*
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