[Gretl-users] web interface to Gretl

Rodrigo Alfaro Arancibia ralfaro at fen.uchile.cl
Wed Sep 5 07:55:16 EDT 2012


I use Gretl for teaching applied econometrics. Last semester, some
students asked about the possibility of having Gretl on Ipad (I do not
have one) Anyway, I found that question on the web and it seems that
there is not plan for compiling Gretl on that OS

However, an alternative for Ipad's users is to have gretl on the web.
Some examples: Latex (http://docs.latexlab.org/,
http://www.scribtex.com/) and Octave
http://www.ms.uky.edu/~statweb/testmatlab.html). Is it possible to
consider a web interface to Gretl?

Best regards, Rodrigo.

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