[Gretl-users] JOIN function

Allin Cottrell cottrell at wfu.edu
Sun Aug 4 09:29:14 EDT 2013

On Sat, 3 Aug 2013, Andreea Bolos wrote:

> Thank you for your replies. It is very helpful for me. The data I am
> working with contains sensitive information and I do not have the
> permission to share it, otherwise I would have sent a sample.  The command
> worked but now I encountered another problem. The message is "data types
> not conformable for  operation". Gretl asked for the aggregation option.
> But I do not  want to aggregate.  The right-hand variables have more than
> one match with the left-hand variables.

That sounds like a blocker: if there's more than one match on 
the right for a given row on the left, this _must_ be handled 
somehow, either by one "aggregation" method or other 
(including sequence number as an option), or by application of 
a filter on the right-hand data to reduce the matches to 
uniqueness. (Or possibly by sub-sampling on the left to skip 
rows that have multiple matches on the right.) You just can't 
stick more than one value from the right into a given 
row/column slot on the left.

> The files contain both numerical and string variables that 
> need to be matched (the count of matches is not helping). 
> For example one column on the right-hand that needs to be 
> matched to the left-hand through variable NUMBER (numerical 
> variable) looks similar to this:
> type2
> type2
> type2
> type3
> type4
> ...
> Is it possible through the JOIN function to get it in numerical form after
> matching, or they need to be numerical before matching?

You can match first. Here's a trivial example:

content of bolos1.csv:


content of bolos2.csv:


hansl script:

open bolos1.csv
join bolos2.csv TYPEOFCONTROL --ikey=key
print -o

output from script:

? open bolos1.csv --quiet
Read datafile 
? join bolos2.csv TYPEOFCONTROL --ikey=key
? print --byobs

               x           key TYPEOFCONTROL

1             1             1             3
2             2             2             2
3             3             3             1
4             4             4             1
5             5             5             1

Allin Cottrell

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