[Gretl-users] Passing a list of series to a function

Logan Kelly logan.kelly at uwrf.edu
Mon Jul 29 01:36:41 EDT 2013


I am using Gretl 1.9.12cvs on WIN 8. Is there a way to pass a list series to a function? I used the following function declaration:

function void dplot(list lstDIV, string filetype, string strTitle[null], string strDisc[null])
                string ddat = varname(lstDIV[1])
                sprintf send "%s", date(firstobs(@ddat))
end function

but get this error

The symbol 'DQ_us' is undefined
*** error in function dplot, line 24
> sprintf send "%s", date(firstobs(DQ_us))

So I am able to pass the list but the individual series are not accessible? Anyway around this?



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