[Gretl-users] anybody running gretl on tablets?

Sven Schreiber svetosch at gmx.net
Fri Jan 24 10:38:21 EST 2014

Am 24.01.2014 16:34, schrieb Allin Cottrell:
> On Fri, 24 Jan 2014, cociuba mihai wrote:
>> I'm using R on my tablet by connecting to an online server with RStudio
>> server  http://www.rstudio.com/ide/server/ and I'm wondering if a similar
>> solution would be feasible for gretl?
> If gretl is built against current GTK 3 it can be run in a browser using
> GDK_BACKEND=broadway (you can try this on your own computer, and find
> gretl at http://localhost:8080). I'm not sure how this plays out in a real
> networking context, but it may be worth exploring.

aha? This sounds very interesting indeed! Dou you have a preferred link 
to some docs about this GTK feature? (googling these things usually 
turns up a lot of obsolete stuff)


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