[Gretl-users] ODBC dsn=.... error

Les Snyder LSnyder at softport.biz
Thu May 7 09:24:25 EDT 2015

I recently upgraded to the latest Gretl release to take advantage of the
join functionality for .gdt tables.  Unfortunately now my "Open dsn="
statements produce an error.  The statements worked previously - and when I
reinstall the previous version of Gretl - they still work.  However, when I
install the latest release from April 2015 the statement produces the error.


The statement producing the error is: "open dsn=GretlPort --odbc #This is
the (Gretl Port Engine.accdb) 


The error produced is:   "You must specify a DSN using 'dsn=...'"


I have reviewed all of the documentation and any relevant information from
the users list.  Any assistance with this issue would be gratefully


Thank You in advance.


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