[Gretl-users] (NBER) recession shading in gretl/gnuplot

Summers, Peter psummers at highpoint.edu
Tue Nov 17 09:55:38 EST 2015

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> > So: I suggest that either the shading should start in the middle of
> > the period (middle of March in this example). But given that that may
> > not be feasible with gnuplot, I would suggest to adopt the FRED
> > convention and start the shading right after the peak dates.
> Right now the documentation for a "plotbars" file says:
> # Format: each non-comment line must contain two space- # separated
> dates in the format YYYY:MM.  These represent # the start and end of
> "episodes" of some sort.
> I take your point, but if we're to abide by this description, maybe the
> appropriate fix would be to modify the example NBER file: make the "start"
> of each NBER recession the month after the peak rather than the peak itself.
> In this case no changes to the plotting code would be required.
> The alternative would be to leave the NBER file as it is and reword the
> description, replacing "start" (of an episode) with something like "period
> immediately preceding, as in NBER business cycle peaks". This would have to
> be accompanied by a change to the plotting code.
> Preferences/thoughts?
> Allin
I'd prefer the first option -- change the example file to be consistent with FRED.


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