[Gretl-users] WG: Re: TikZ

Allin Cottrell cottrell at wfu.edu
Fri Nov 20 11:10:36 EST 2015

On Fri, 20 Nov 2015, juergen.malitte at t-online.de wrote:

> Running the given skript on the recommended Internet-page I've got 
> the message:
> "C:\Program Files (x86)\gretl\wgnuplot.exe" "C:\Users\malitte\AppData\Roaming\gretl\gpttmp.g09584": exit code 1
> Fehler bei Skriptausführung: Stopp
>> end plot --output=@dotdir/empty.ps

Sorry, it should be made clear that this Lua-TikZ business is not 
going to work with the wgnuplot executable that is bundled with gretl 
for Windows, nor will it work using the gretl package for Mac OS X. It 
requires that the Lua library is installed and gnuplot is built with 
Lua support (and of course it's useful only if a TeX system is 
installed). For now it's basically a Linux-only thing.

Allin Cottrell

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