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Stefano stefano.fachin at uniroma1.it
Fri Nov 27 13:27:01 EST 2015

The ACRI Foundation has established several research prizes (about 
€3000/4000 each) in connection with the Third Conference of the 
International Association for Applied Econometrics (IAAE
2016), to be held at the University of Milan‐Bicocca on June 22nd‐25th 2016.
Researchers in order to be eligible are required:
1) To be below 40 years old, i.e. being born after 1st of January 1975.
2) To have their paper accepted for presentation at IAAE 2016, either in 
a regular or in a poster session, and registered to the conference by 
April 18th 2016.
3) To be able to visit for a period of no less than a month, 
comprehensive of the days spent at the conference, one of the 28 Italian 
institutions belonging to the YITP SIdE‐IAAE2016 network.
More details in the attached announcement.


Stefano Fachin
Professore Ordinario di Statistica Economica
Dip. di Scienze Statistiche
Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
P.le A. Moro 5 - 00185 Roma - Italia
Tel. +39-06-49910834
fax  +39-06-49910072
web http://stefanofachin.site.uniroma1.it/

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