[Gretl-users] Language preference

Sven Schreiber svetosch at gmx.net
Sat Nov 5 05:22:51 EDT 2016

Am 05.11.2016 um 10:01 schrieb Ferren MacIntyre:
> My download of Gretl came up with 80% of its interface written in
> Greek.Poking around in likely places turned up nothing which said
> Γλοσσα. Any clues about getting all of the interface in English?

Hi, if your system language is not Greek then the fact that gretl turns 
Greek might be an indication of some corruption. So I'd first uninstall 
any previous gretl versions from the system and then reinstall gretl.

Apart from that, the language in gretl is set via Tools (second menu), 
Settings or Preferences (don't remember in English, but it's the entry 
at the very bottom, then Main (first sub-entry) which opens a window, 
the first tab (General) has the language choice drop-down menu (third 
from bottom).

Or you could start gretl from the command line with the option --english 
(I think).

good luck,

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