[Gretl-users] To users of logit_burr.gfn or LOGIT_HETERO.gfn packages

Sven Schreiber svetosch at gmx.net
Sat Nov 5 16:15:23 EDT 2016

again a message about function package reorganization, this time 
concerning the two Logit model related packages logit_burr.gfn and 
LOGIT_HETERO.gfn by Artur Tarassow.

These packages were just removed from the server, because as of today 
there is a new contributed function package "BMST.gfn" that replaces 
both of them, also by Artur. (BMST = binary model specification tests) 
You have to adjust your scripts if you have used one of the previous 

BMST also includes new stuff related to Probit, not just Logit. Thanks a 
lot to Artur for these features.


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