[Gretl-users] Sample selection issues

George Matysiak gmatysiak at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 13:11:09 EST 2016

> Cannot reproduce that here. Which version, which dataset, which dummy?


I'm using Version 2016d. Specifically, I have a dataset of 63 observations,
consisting of of 3 different categories each with 21 members. I have
defined a dummy for each sub-set i.e 3 dummies. So, I first select a sample
based on one of the dummies/Use dummy variable/ which gives me a sample of
21. I then select/Random sub-sample/ and receive the message Number of
observations to select (max 62) - it list 10 as the default. If, for
example, I enter 22 I get the message Invalid number of cases 22. If I
click ok again it reports dropped 41 observations. Clearly not appropriate.
Perhaps a few if conditions greater than/less than are required in the code
in order to captures the breaches in the conditions. Thanks.


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